Filming Greece | EKOME Präsident Panos Kouanis erklärt, warum Griechenland Ihr nächstes Ziel zur Filmproduktion sein kann (und tatsächlich geht es auch um eine Geldfrage!)


Before Midnight” (2013)

Does cash rebate sound Greek to you? It is actually the Greek incentive to attract investments in the audiovisual sector. For many decades Greece hasattracted many international productions due to its unique light and locations. The Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media has embarked on a series of initiatives for the enhancement of audiovisual production in Greece as well as the attraction of foreign investment in this sector. The National Center for Audiovisual Media & Communication (EKOME S.A.) was established in this context, aiming to boost audiovisual production in Greece.

KouanisPresident & Chief Executive Officer at EKOME in Greece since 2017, Panos Kouanis has extensive experience in all aspects of the Media industry, including film and television production, marketing, distribution and sales, new media and information communication technologies. Kouanis holds a Ph.D. and a B.A. in Economics from the School of Economic Sciences at the University of Athens, and a M.Sc. in Broadcasting and Film from the College of Communication of Boston University. Kouanis has also published a large number of research papers in national and international periodicals, and participated in many conferences and international organizations around the world.

On the occasion of the official presentation of EKOME on Monday, March 26th, Kouanis talked to Greek News Agenda* and explained EKOME’s strategic goals, as well as the four steps required to complete the cash-rebate procedure by both Greeks and foreigners with an interest to invest in audiovisual productions in Greecewithin a maximum 6month period following completion of production.